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Iron Lung Cheats

Iron Lung

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Game Files (SpinNShoot + Goodies):
By sir.stevie.john

* If you check the game files at
steamappscommonIron Lung
You can find a folder called Goodies
* Inside are Development Screenshots, Wallpapers, the Map, and a
small game called SpinNShoot
* SpinNShoot is a fairly simple(Yet surprisingly fun)game. You can move
with WASD, and Shoot or Hit squares who get faster the closer they
get to you. There’s already a help screen in game, but here are a
few additional tips

* Boxes break in 2 hits
* Melee does 1 point of damage, so use it after weakening a square
* Melee has a 1 second cooldown
* Using right click for rapid fire is helpful, but you can also use
it to shoot quick individual shots at mid-range
* Health does not disappear so you can save it for later
* There are no invincibility frames.

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