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Iron Throne Cheats

Iron Throne

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* In this guide, you will find some Iron Throne cheats, tips to
progress fast, earn free gold, and material.
* To get free gold, tap on the dragon at altar building. This dragon
will give you a huge amount of gold for free after every certain
hour. It is one of the best ways to get free gold in Iron Throne
* Join Alliance – You will get a huge amount of reward if you join
the alliance. So, join it.
* Open boxes – After a certain level, town mode gets unlocked.
Explore the town and find loot boxes. These boxes contain a wide
range of rewards such as material, resources, and much more.
* Focus on Quests – To level up fast in Iron Throne game, complete
all kinds of quests; daily, VIP, challenges, alliance, and
chronicles. Focusing on quests at the beginning of the game
would help you to progress fast.
* Claim free rewards; at the port – After a certain amount of time,
at the port, check out the ships; Island trade ship, Foreign Trade
Ship, these ships provides you a number of rewards daily.
* Produce traps – To increase the defense of castle in Iron Throne
game, you can produce traps near the wall.
Tap on the wall -> produce traps -> choose a trap -> confirm.
Repair the destroyed traps.
* You can make free wishes daily at the temple.
Visit temple daily and claim free rewards.

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