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Ishar 1 Cheats

Ishar 1

Jarel’s Sword in Balderon Rock:
Submitted by: djshark

In short, you need a character who is level one and with zero experience. 100 Physical
points are also required. The following worked for me: In Urshurak, recruit Karorn the
Paladin, not before you have a way of getting out of the city without fighting any orcs.
Also make sure you have enough rations to give to Karorn to fill his physical point
level once you reach the rock. Now head to Balderon, via Vargeon and Zendoria. Enter
Balderon from the vicinity of the Forbidden house in Zendoria and walk strait to the
rock (don’t fight the wolves!) Now position yourself before the rock, put Karorn in
front and walla! The +6 magical sword is yours!

Save your game in slot 1, quit to DOS, back up the file GAME01.SAV,
then follow the commands below, starting from the DOS prompt:
e 02d5 ff
e 02df ff
e 02e9 ff
e 03e2 7f
e 03e7 7f
e 03ec 7f
e 03f1 7f
e 03f6 33
e 03fb 33
e 03ff 1f
e 0400 77
e 0405 77

This will give you, (in order of edits) 255 vitality,
lots of money, 255 psychic, level 128, maximum strength,
wisdom, constitution, agility, intelligence, skills,
physical, and mental.

Hex-Cheat for Ishar 1:
Submitted by:Troels

Im using “Hex Workshop 4.0”
Havent tried other programs…

Editing your characters:
Set program to showing 8 rows!
A row is 4 digits… I.e. 3rd row,2 (digits nr 11 & 12)
(I.e. 4 digits = 0001)
The number before the row-indikator is the “offset” in hex

Load your savegame: something.sav into the hex-editor:
IMPORTANT NOTE: I havent checked if HP/SP can pass 255
(Or FF in hex) with the editor….
(Although I have tried gaining more than 255 hp through experience)

(Slot 1)
Hitpoints (1D0 – 3rd row,2)
Money (1D0 – 8th row,2)
Spellpoints?! (1E0 – 5th row,2)
Strength (2E0 – 4th row,2)
Wisdom (2E0 – 7th row,1)
Constitution (2F0 – 1st row,2)
Agility (2F0 – 4th row,1)
Intelligence (2F0 – 6th row,2)
Physical (300 – 1st row,1)
Mental?! (300 – 3rd row,2)

(Slot 2)
Hitpoints (1D0 – 4rd row,2)
Money (1E0 – 1st row,2)
Spellpoints?! (1E0 – 6th row,2)
Strength (2E0 – 5th row,1)
Wisdom (2E0 – 7th row,2)
Constitution (2F0 – 2nd row,1)
Agility (2F0 – 4th row,2)
Intelligence (2F0 – 7th row,1)
Physical (300 – 1st row,2)
Mental?! (300 – 4rd row,1)

(Slot 3)
Hitpoints (1D0 – 5rd row,2)
Money (1E0 – 2st row,2)
Spellpoints?! (1E0 – 7th row,2)
Strength (2E0 – 5th row,2)
Wisdom (2E0 – 8th row,1)
Constitution (2F0 – 2nd row,2)
Agility (2F0 – 5th row,1)
Intelligence (2F0 – 7th row,2)
Physical (300 – 2st row,1)
Mental?! (300 – 4rd row,2)

If you can add two and two, you’ll see the pattern for Slot 4 & 5
“Discovered” by: – Saros (saros@stas-clan.dk)

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