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Island Marauder Cheats

Island Marauder

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How To Grab The Apple:
Written by Tired

Is that stupid ??? apple not letting you pick it up? Did you try to just
keep watering the tree over and over again to see if there was another
stage like me? Well trust me when I’m telling you that you can be a master
at picking up that apple in no time. It’s a really good way to start a
conversation, and a way cooler party trick. So how do you do it?

-=The Steps=-
Step 1: Water the tree.

Step 2: See an apple falls.

Step 3: Try to get the apple and do anything you can think of to the tree for
the next 30 minutes wondering why it is so inconsistent and sometimes you can
get the apple and other times you cannot.

Step 4: Look at the guides.

Step 5: Find this guide.

Step 6: You have to approach the tree from the top and go straight down
until you collide with it.

Step 7: Move left and right while spamming e.

In no time at all, you will be a master at picking up this apple!

You wanna know what is cooler than picking up that apple? Well of course, how
the ???? do we get the two secret achievements?

Thanks for reading, hope this helped you out.

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