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Island Tribe 5 Cheats

Island Tribe 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gold time:
To earn a gold time, you must complete a level under the expert time limit,
collect a number of diamonds, and find the hidden artifacts. Note: Collect
diamonds en route to picking something else up because you will not return
to camp.

The color and shape of artifacts you must find are displayed at the start of
a level. After finding an artifact and completing the level, you will not
have to find it again.

Fog of war:
Use five wood or five stone to repair a totem to clear up a large area of
fog on the map.

Production requirements:
Different buildings require different resources so they can function.

Pearl Farms – Require kelp.
Crab Farms – Require pearls.
Grain Farms, Oil Farms, and Apiary – Require water.
Cow Farm, Chicken Farm, and Pig Farm – Require grain and water.

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