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Islanders Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Walkthrough:
Written by FiceLeo

A basics walkthrough help you scoring more than 20000 points.

Not recommend to pick lumberjack & sawmill pack in the beginning
* Very few only building like them.
* Many of building dislike them.
* Blocking building area due to group of lumberjack and sawmill.
* No basic points.
* Forest zone better for hop farm, park and oasis resorts.
* Suitable for later stage build like wall.

Click the “+” button after you reach it
* That’s no reason to keep it unless you want the achievement “slow burn”.
* Unlock next buildings and new building technology make more advantage to scoring.
* Keep more and more buildings in your inventory. That’s no UNO game.
* For example, unlock more mason (quarry) and mansions to boost up temple’s scores.
* Or maybe you will unlock 2nd Warehouse before placed your 1st Market.

Keep your high tier building as long as possible
* Build houses, mansion, etc… before build your tower or market.
* Build park, farm, fountain, etc… before build your oasis resorts.

-=Wall Plateau are very rare & Powerful, use them wisely=-
* Reserve for 2nd Market.
* Hanging above your city area.
* Extra scores for Temple.

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