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Isle Cheats


The file “FLAG5” controls which endings are marked as seen, and
which pictures show up in the Photoshop. Using a binary file
editor, by changing byte $E8 through $EE to the value $11, all 14
endings are marked as seen. By changing bytes $B6 through $D4 to
the value $11 (actually, $B6 can be $10), all 61 pictures in the
Photoshop are made available. These are presumably all the sexy
scenes in the game, except there are several of naked girls
standing in caves or tunnels towards the end of the game that are
left out for some reason. Bytes $52 through $69 usually have
non-zero values, but they have no apparent effect on the endings
or the Photoshop if set to zero. Some of the endings are really
tough to get, so I gave up trying every possible combination
after a while.

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