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How to Free the Caged Wolf in Inscryption

There are multiple acts and puzzles in Inscryption that a player needs to go through before progressing. One such quest will be featured in Act 1. It’s related to freeing the wolf statues from the cage. So, no surprises, we will be looking at how to free the caged wolf in Inscryption.

Inscryption is from a genre of games that is not mainstream. The combination of room escaping, deck building, and puzzle-solving make it out-of-the-box and stand out among others. Not to mention it has a horror theme to it.

You will be locked in a room with Leshy, who is the main antagonist in Act 1. Besides, he is the master of his art, which is the card game. Since the players are locked with him, there are two ways to get out. Either play the game with him or die. Nothing in-between.

Therefore, one of the tasks that need solving is taking out the wolf from his cage. Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at how to do it.

Goals Before Unlocking the Caged Wolf

Before we start our guide, make sure that you have unlocked the safe and completed the slide puzzles. These two tasks need to be carried out before moving toward the caged wolf puzzle.

Where is the Caged Wolf Card in Inscryption

The caged wolf statue is located at the backside of the cabin. It’s on the right side of the skull and globe from our point of view. As can be seen in the image above as well, the statue will be behind a cage at the start. Our task is to free it from there.

For that purpose, the caged wolf card is required. Now you should know how to unlock the safe. Inside the safe, there is a key. Use the key to unlock the wooden chest close to you. As soon as you open it, there will be four puzzles to solve in order to open each drawer.

The caged wolf card is in the third drawer i.e. the bottom-left one. Solve the puzzle and the card will be unlocked and at your disposal. The puzzle can be tricky but it isn’t very difficult after all.

Once the card is in your deck, go back to the card table and start the game with Leshy again.

Just a short info about the card. It has no attack and six defence and costs 2 blood to cast. So, it can be pretty handy at stopping the attack of opposition.

How to Free the Caged Wolf in Inscryption

When the game begins, look for your opponent’s most strong move. Basically, we have to make sure the health of our card hits zero. Since it has 6 defence points, a lower-powered attack card can’t eliminate at once and you will have to wait for the card’s health to go down.

Therefore, draw the card when your opposition plays a strong move. Assuming you have done the same, the card should be having zero health now.

If it were any other card, it would have died. Contrarily, the wolf caged card will convert into a regular wolf one. And the wolf statue will be unlocked from the cage.

Once the card gets damaged, the room will shake and loud noise will be heard. At this moment, Leshy will say “What was that?”

After the game ends, the next task is to pick up the statue and place it next to the squirrel sculpture.

Take the Wolf Statue to get a New Item

After you have completed the game with Leshy, get up and go towards the wolf statue once again. Now you will see that it has been freed from the cage.

Pick it up and go to your right. Here, you should be able to locate the squirrel statue. On its side, there should be a space. Place the wolf statue there.

Once done, you will get a brand new item that is a “dagger”, released by the Squirrel. This item will go into your inventory and will come in handy as you move forward. The next target will be solving the cuckoo clock mystery.

Achievement for Uncaging the Wolf

The quest comes with a reward. The achievement that you will unlock after uncovering the caged wolf mystery and freeing it from the cage is called Uncage the Menagerie.

Menagerie means “a collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition.”


That is how to free the caged wolf in Inscryption. The task needs some puzzle solving and playing the card game with Leshy. Besides, some prior quests need to be solved before going uncaging the wolf. Make sure you have everything in order and then go for your move to free the beast.

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