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How to fish in Tales of Arise (Guide 2022)

In order to begin your fishing journey in Tales Of Arise, You don’t need any special equipment and don’t have to go on an extraordinary quest. it can be done anywhere in the game since there are multiple fishing spots throughout the game.

Now without any further ado, let me show you how to fish in Tales of Arise.

How to Fish – An Overview

To get a fishing rod, go to the town of Talka and talk with the fisherman outside his home. He’ll tell you that he lost his favourite fishing rod while fishing in the pond. You can then go get it from its location on the pond’s shore and return it to him for an item called “Fishing Rod”. Once you have this item, equip it as an accessory and head back to Talka Pond Road.

First, find a place where there are some fish swimming around. If you see them jumping out of water or flying over your head, it’s a good sign that they are close by! Next, check if any object underneath the water could be used as bait (for example, some sort of plant). If there isn’t anything like that, just walk away from this spot until you find another one with better conditions!

You need to know that there are different fishing rods, and each rod will allow you to catch a specific kind of fish. Each rod also has a “Power” rating, which determines how much it can pull back the line when you’re reeling in a fish. The higher its power rating, the longer it will take to reel in the fish you’ve caught.

When you find a fishing hole, there will be an indicator on your map showing where the closest one is. This may not be close by, though, so make sure to keep track of where they are while exploring new areas. When you reach one, talk to the NPC standing next to it, and they will give you some tips on how to use it properly before going into battle against monsters who inhabit these bodies of water. Without further ado, let’s jump into the tips and tricks.

When is Fishing Unlocked in Tales of Arise

To unlock fishing, you must clear the third country, Elde Menancia and finish your side quests for that area. Once you’ve done so, talk to the fisherman in the city of Baudel (where you started Chapter 3), and he’ll give you a fishing rod.

You can use this rod any time you’re outside of battle, and its icon will appear on the bottom right of your screen. Fishing requires patience (occasionally some luck), but it’s not too tricky once you get used to it.

Fishing Area

Fishing is a great way to relax while playing Tales of Arise. Fishing spots are marked with an icon of a fishing rod, and they can be found anywhere there’s water. It is simple to locate a fishing spot. There is usually a fishing emblem above the dock that goes into the water. If you see this icon in your area, you can fish there.

Once you have located a fishing spot, simply press Square (for PS4) or X (for Xbox One) when standing next to it to start fishing. You may need to press Down on the directional pad if your character has something in his hands (such as food).

Casting Lure in Tales of Arise

To find and catch fish, you must find the correct location. Move your blue pointer across the water until it becomes yellow, indicating a fish-catching area.

Fish can be found by the water’s edge or in deeper waters. You will see their shadows moving about under the surface. Cast your lure into their vicinity to catch them!

Cast your lure by pressing the X button on your controller. The longer you hold down X, the farther your lure will travel before sinking to the bottom of the lake or river.

Reel the fish in

After attracting it, you’ll be taken through a sequence in which you’ll have to punch timed buttons. Push when the ring enters the icon to keep the fish going toward you and reach the second phase.

The second phase will begin as soon as the fish reaches the other side of its circle. This is where you’ll need to hold down on your controller’s shoulder button (for PS4 players) or the L1 button (for Xbox One players). Once this happens, you’ll need to press your controller’s button again so that it can bite onto your line before letting go of it once more if needed.

Changing Rods in Tales of Arise

The fishing rod is your primary tool for catching fish and is used as a sword or gun.

You can change rods in the in-game fishing menu by pressing R3. By default, you will have a beginner rod equipped that can be upgraded to higher levels. As you level up and gain experience, you can unlock new rods, which offer different special effects and bonuses.

Changing Lures in Tales of Arise

The fishing system in this game is relatively simple; you have a rod and a lure, which you cast into the water and wait for fish to bite. When they do bite, you reel them in. You can also change lures to catch specific fish, which means some lures are better in some regions of the game.

To change lures, go to Menu > Equipment > Fishing Rods and select the lure you want to use.


This is all about how fishing can be done in Tales of Arise. Furthermore, there are five rods and 19 lures in Tales of Arise. You don’t have to acquire all of them to get the Godly Angler award, but they’re all useful in different ways, and you’ll find some of them just by participating in seemingly unrelated activities.

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