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How to Save Amador Mask Maker in Deathloop

The life and soul of Deathloop are definitely its charismatic side characters that all have their own unique characteristics and backstories. One such character is Amador, the intuitive mask maker that runs a shop that supplies our players with all sorts of goodies.

However, players that want unrestricted access to his shop must first save him from dying at the hands of another dangerous but interesting character, Harriet Morse in the game.

That brings us to our main topic of discussion in this guide, how to save Amador in Deathloop. The process itself coincides with a story mission and is more like a split-second response than a step-by-step process that all takes place in Karl’s bay.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into how you can save Amador in Deathloop and unlock his shop.

How to Save Amador in Deathloop

1: Heading to Karl’s Bay in the Morning and Entering the Hangers

To automatically start the initial side mission it is imperative that the player arrives at Karl’s bay in the morning as the mission isn’t available at any other time.

Also, keep in mind that this optional mission can be accessed at any point in the story by simply reaching Karl’s bay in the morning. So, if you’re looking to get more familiar with the game and up your skills before you save Amador, you have the option to do that.

After you reach the tunnel in the bay, make sure you mark the visionary lead for Harriet before exiting the tunnel.

The meatiest section of this mission takes place in the two hangers placed at the northeast corner of Karl’s bay so make your way towards them.

Now, the main mission takes place in hanger 2 as that’s where Harriet is holding Amador hostage.

2: Finding your way onto the gantry of Hanger 2

Even though Deathloop is quite famous for allowing the player to complete a mission through multiple strategies. However, for this specific mission, the player only has the option to follow a single linear path that takes him/her into hanger 2.

This path starts from the entrance of hanger 1 which is filled with mobs of enemies that you’ll have to defeat in order to find a path that leads to hanger 2.

The path leading into hanger 1 towards the entrance to hanger 2 is fairly linear and easy to find. The hard part though is figuring out how to deal with all the different enemies patrolling the hanger.

At this point, you have the option of deciding your approach to deal with these enemies.

You can choose to opt for the stealthy approach, which is the superior approach in our opinion, or you can go in all guns blazing which also works if you deal with all the enemies in this hangar quickly without letting even a single one escape and inform Harriet about what’s going on.

Otherwise, Harriet will be alerted about your actions and will immediately kill Amador. Once you deal with all the enemies in the hangar, move towards the opposite end of hanger 2 where you’ll find a litany of stairs heading to the gantry of hanger 2 from where you can drop into hanger 2.

3: Taking out Harriet and her Eternalists

Once you reach the gantry you’ll see Amador suspended close by and about to be dropped into a vat containing poisonous gas that would surely kill him.

There’s also a bunch of enemies near you that you have no option but to take out stealthily so that Harriet isn’t alerted. Now, in front of you, there’ll be a room locked from the inside.

At this point, you need to use your slab shifting power to move to a location at the top of the hanger to have a clear line of sight to the room which houses Harriet and her eternalists.

Executing this action is slightly tricky though as you’ll have to aim for the white ledge at the top and not the ceiling as the ledge is the only location that gives you a clear and unobstructed view of the room that’s lined with a bunch of red lasers.

From this vantage point, you’ll be able to shoot the door from the outside and unlock it without getting too close to the red lasers.

Quickly move away from the ledge and back to the platform at this point before Harriet notices you and move downwards from the gantry towards the now unlocked room with the lasers.

At this point, Harriet will start going on her spiel about how Amador asked to face his fears and about how he wanted this to happen. Your job here is to interrupt or kill Harriet while she’s talking and before she lowers Amador into the poisonous gas.

Once you engage in combat with her, her eternalists will step in to protect her and you’ll have to kill them before you can fight her.

We recommend using the nexus slab ability to kill them as that is the quickest way. You must now fight and kill Harriet to acquire her slab ability.

4: Saving Amador

The only thing left to do now is to save Amador by using the crane controls to raise him away from the gas and to turn the gas pumps off.

Something that left us and many gamers perplexed is the fact that you can’t grab Amador and remove him from the crane after you’ve saved him. You’ll just have to leave him on the crane until the next morning when you’ll come back to find him not hanging there anymore.


Players should know that if you’ve already visited Amador’s shop once before, then the mission to save Amador will automatically pop up at the right moment in the story.

Of course, players can always choose to ignore this mission and focus on the main story missions as it’s completely optional. However, in our mind saving Amador is just too important, simply because of all the excellent items he has to offer in his legendary mask shop.

After completing this mission you can visit Amador the next day who’ll be at his shop, the Big Smiley, from the afternoon to the evening. Completing this mission also allows you to acquire a unique slab from Harriet Morse which has its own advantages later on in the story.

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