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How to Use Astral Flowers in Tales of Arise

Today, we will be looking at how to use astral flowers in Tales of Arise. These items are very important to proceed further in the game and without them, it would not be possible to go through different battles. You will know why.

Tales of arise is a high-class RPG with state-of-the-art graphics and an extremely interesting storyline. It has been 300 years since Rena has been ruling over the planet Dahna, snatching the freedom and rights of the people living there.

The main protagonists are Alphen and Shionne. They are from different planets but have the same goal. That is to change their fate and create a new future of prosperity and liberation.

The game features multiple combats, boss fights, item collection, different missions & quests, a great many characters, and obviously, top-notch graphics quality giving a real-world experience.

How to get the Astral Flowers in Tales of Arise

Astral flowers are obtained by winning Gigant battles, completing sub-quests, and winning the Ultimate Group Battle in Training Grounds. Every flower is necessary for proceeding toward the next fight. Before looking at how to get astral flowers, it is important to keep a thing or two in mind.

Firstly, all of them are obtainable. However, all might not be available to get during the story mode. Nevertheless, you can find all of them in the free-roam mode after completing the story. Like previously, go back to their locations, complete the sub-quests and you will have them.

Many sub-quests are not available on the first try but will be after you complete the story mode. Therefore, first, go through the entire story mode and then come back again to collect the remaining flowers.

Secondly, it is not obligatory to collect them in a specific order. You can collect them any way you want.

In order to see how many astral flowers you have currently, go to Menu > Field Guide > Play Records > Astral Flowers.

Now without any further ado, let’s look at the all astral flowers, their locations, gigants that needed to be beaten, and sub-quests.


Four astral flowers can be found in this section.

Astral Flower #1

  • Location: Sandinus Ravine
  • Gigant: Mantis
  • Sub-Quest: Giant Zeugle Hunt

Astral Flower #2

  • Location: Glanymede Castle – 4F
  • Gigant: Toxidillo
  • Sub-Quest: None

Astral Flower #3

  • Location: Ulvhan Grotto
  • Gigant: Boisterous Roper
  • Sub-Quest: None

Astral Flower #4

  • Location: Iglia Wastes
  • Gigant: Thunderite
  • Sub-Quests: To unlock the area, complete “Taking Root” and “Mixed Feelings”


Here you will find two more astral flowers.

Astral Flower #5

  • Location: Rivile Prison Tower and Underground Prison
  • Gigant: Polycephus
  • Sub-Quests: Open the cage by completing “Culling the Snowplain Herds” and “Survey Says…”

Astral Flower #6

  • Location: Nevira Snowplains
  • Gigant: Agony Keeper
  • Sub-Quest: In Sync


Five additional astral flowers will be found here.

Astral Flower #7

  • Location: Traslida Highway
  • Gigant: Alpha Reaper
  • Sub-Quest: Dohalim, Big Game Hunter

Astral Flower #8

  • Location: Traslida Highway
  • Gigant: Relentless Charger
  • Sub-Quest: A Boorish Boar

Astral Flower #9

  • Location: Razum Quarry – Mining Site 1
  • Gigant: Flamewrecker
  • Sub-Quest: Walking Craig

Astral Flower #10

  • Location: Traslida Highway
  • Gigant: Great Dragon
  • Sub-Quest: Claiming a Bounty

Astral Flower #11

  • Location: Nevira Snowplains
  • Gigant: Meneiys
  • Sub-Quest: The Phantom Flower of Nevira

Mahag Saar

This section will give you two astral flowers.

Astral Flower #12

  • Location: Este Luvah Forest,
  • Gigant: Ruthless
  • Sub-Quest: Echoes

Astral Flower #13

  • Location: Aqfotle Hills
  • Gigant: Mother Boomy
  • Sub-Quest: Skybound Swarm

Ganath Haros

There will be four more astral flowers in this section.

Astral Flower #14

  • Location: Tuah Seashore
  • Gigant: Storm Bringer
  • Sub-Quest: Seaside Tornadoes

Astral Flower #15

  • Location: Shinefall Woods
  • Gigant: Regent Bee
  • Sub-Quest: Her Place

Astral Flower #16

  • Location: Lavtu Marshlands
  • Gigant: Elemental
  • Sub-Quest: None

Astral Flower #17

  • Location: Uninhabited Island
  • Gigant: Mesmald
  • Sub-Quest: Beyond the Grave


This section has three more astral flower locations.

Astral Flower #18

  • Location: Gegham Helgarahi, Upper-Level 3F
  • Gigant: Calamity Arms
  • Sub-Quest: Tissue Sample

Astral Flower #19

  • Location: Adan Lake
  • Gigant: Masher Bull + Mashar Mare
  • Sub-Quest: The Super Zeugle

Astral Flower #20

  • Location: Mountain Base, Mountain Dhiara
  • Gigant: Ezamamuk
  • Sub-Quest: The Ultimate Zeugle


There will be just a single astral flower in this region.

Astral Flower #21

  • Location: Water Astral Energy Separator, Final Dungeon
  • Gigant: Sword Dancer
  • Sub-Quest: None


The remaining 10 astral flowers will be found here.

Astral Flowers #22-#31

  • Location: Training Grounds
  • Gigant: None
  • Sub-Quest: None

You will get these 10 astral flowers by beating group battle ultimate. It is recommended to collect the previous astral flowers before this battle to have a great amount of CP to support you.

How to Use the Astral Flowers in Tales of Arise

To be precise, you can’t really “use” astral flowers. The reason is that they automatically do the work for you. So, as soon as you get any one of them, +10 Cure Points (CP) will be added to your current count. Getting all of them means increasing your CP by a lot.

They are also important during battles to heal your spells and keep them alive.

Now if you don’t get any of them and go for some certain fights, you will get knocked out. As you might assume, it will be because of low CP and no healing. Therefore, the astral flowers are necessary.

As soon as you collect them, they can’t be consumed, but rather, will give a permanent boost to your CP by increasing it. There is no need to take any action, simply check your CP before and after collecting the flower. It would be increased.


So this was how to use astral flowers in Tales of Arise. They are necessary for survival and all of them will give you enough additional CP to survive through some hard battles. Also, remember to collect the 21 astral flowers before going into the Group Battle Ultimate in the Training Ground.

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